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Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.8mm, 600cc pot

Nozzle: 1.8 mm S-Steel
Working Pressure: 30-45 psi
Pattern Width: 330 mm
Air Cons.: 7.8 cfm
Fluid Output: 300 ml
Fluid Capacity: 600 cc
Fluid Feed: Gravity
Fluid Inlet: M16
Weight: 514 g

Prowin K & KH series spray guns feature a forged aluminium body with a smooth anodised finish,
teflon seals & packing with high grade stainless steel nozzle & needles for easy cleaning & long service life.

2-Pack, Metallics, Acrylic, Enamels, Primer, Stains.

$229.00 Inc. GST

PC: K818M18


Parts Breakdown
1.5mm Nozzle,Needle,Cap Set
Air Hose 10mm ID x 20m Length c/w Couplings
Spray Gun Stand
Min Control Unit 1/4" Filter Regulator and Lubricator
In-line Water Separator
2mm Nozzle,Needle,Cap Set