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HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.3mm, 600cc pot c/w reg

Nozzle: 1.3 mm S-Steel
Working Pressure: 20~28 psi
Pattern Width: 300 mm
Air Cons.: 9.6 cfm
Fluid Output: 140 ml
Fluid Capacity: 600 cc
Fluid Feed: Gravity
Fluid Inlet: M16
Weight: 514 g

High Volume Low Pressure (H.V.L.P.) technology, as the name suggests uses high volumes of air at low pressure to atomise mediums such as paint or varnish. The benefit of this technology is high transfer efficiency, which means finer atomization with less overspray than conventional (L.V.H.P.) spray guns.

Forged aluminium body with smooth anodised finish for corrosion resistance & easy cleaning.
Teflon seals & packing with high grade stainless steel nozzle & needle for easy cleaning & long service life.
Suitable for both oil and water-based painting.
Complies to CE standards.
Includes mini air regulator.

2 Pack, stains, enamels, polyurethanes

$249.00 Inc. GST

PC: KH818M13


Parts Breakdown
Min Control Unit 1/4" Filter Regulator and Lubricator
In-line Water Separator
HVLP 1.4mm Nozzle,Needle,Cap Set
Air Hose 10mm ID x 20m Length c/w Couplings
Spray Gun Stand
HVLP 1.8mm Nozzle,Needle,Cap Set